Keep St. Pete Lit 2022 Impact

  • Offered after-school writing classes for an average of 150 at-risk youth each week at Campbell Park Elementary, Fairmount Park Elementary, Melrose Elementary, Midtown Academy, John Hopkins Middle School, Salvation Army’s Sallie House, Dunedin Elementary, 74th St. Elementary, Gulfport Elementary, and New Heights Elementary during the school year. We also partnered with St. Pete Youth Farm and Reach St. Pete. 
  • Partnered with University of South Florida on statewide Poetry Out Loud series, where we were responsible for judging and creating educational support materials.
  • Partnered with the Word Initiative on WORD! Book Boxes, which provide free diverse kids books at eight locations: Community Health Centers of Pinellas at Johnnie Ruth Clark; Thomas “Jet” Jackson Recreation Center(Wildwood); Childs Park Recreation Center; Jordan Park Apartments; Atwater’s; St. Pete Fight Team; Starling School; New Hope of Glory Church.
  • Partnered with Camp Summer Quest for eight weeks of creative writing summer classes for their at-risk students.
  • Partnered with High Point Family Center for summer creative writing classes. 
  • Partnered with The Factory St. Pete on a monthly book club.
  • Offered a LitSpace writing classes the first and second Saturday of the month via Zoom. 
  • Offered a LitSpace writing classes on Tuesday evenings in person at The Factory St. Pete.
  • Hosted a monthly Poetry Open Mic on the last Wednesday of the month at The Studio@620.
  • Hosted a monthly Poetry Open Mic on the second Saturday of the month at The Factory  St. Pete, during Second Saturday ArtWalk.
  • Partnered with The Dali Museum on an ekphrastic writing workshop inspired by their Picasso Exhibit.
  • Hosted the 6th Annual Sunlit Literary Festival April 1-3rd in partnership with Preserve the Burg, Cultured Books Literacy Foundation, Tombolo Books, The Factory St. Pete, St. Petersburg Press, St. Pete Audubon, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, Gulfport Historical Society, Friends of the Jack Kerouac House, Antiquarian Book Fair, Wordier Than Thou, and The Studio@620