True Stories – May 10th

True Stories

True Stories will be live again, Wednesday, May 10 at Unscripted Theatre, stories start at 8pm. Get there early to grab a seat and a bite and get your name in the fucket bucket for a chance to tell your own story.

In May our featured theme is “HOUSE TROUBLES,” and our featured teller will be Scott Harrell, managing editor of Creative Loafing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prepare a five-minute story about house troubles. Maybe that kitchen remodel didn’t go as planned. Or maybe you grew up in a house with a really nasty cat. Or sibling…

Bring us your true, personal story, and tell it to us in five minutes. You will be judged, and the best story wins the night!

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Hosted by Lisa L. Kirchner.

Cost: $10.00

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