True Stories – June 14th

True Stories will be live again, Wednesday, June 14 at Spitfire Theater. Stories start at 8pm. Get there early to grab a seat and a bite and get your name in the fucket bucket for a chance to tell your own story. Our June theme is “PETS,” and our featured teller will be Mimi Reilly, creatrix of Star Booty Hair Salon. (And yes, my hairdresser…what of it???)

Your mission, should you choose to take the fucket bucket by the balls, is to prepare a five-minute story about pets. Maybe you’re allergic to all things furry and your partner decided to run a rescue league. Or what about that rat that terrified your prize kitty? Maybe you grew up in a house with a really nasty turtle. Or maybe you know The Dog Whisperer… (If you do, we must talk!)

Bring your true, personal story to the stage, and tell it to us in five minutes. You will be judged, and the best story wins the night! (Note, this judging is by the same people who clap when Trish and I sing, so it’s not harsh ;). ) You might even get a video of your story put onto Creative Loafing’s website.

We’re on the second Wednesday of every month. Spitfire Theater is at 14 18th St S. True Stories is a Keep St Pete Lit event. See you at 8!

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