True Stories – July 12th

St. Pete FL storytelling

In honor of our one-year anniversary, we’re reprising the theme from that first night, “arrested.” The featured teller for July is Megan Fate, the winner of the first-ever True Stories show. $5 cash please.

Your challenge is to figure out a story in response. Tell us what stopped you in your tracks? Or maybe you lived at home a little too long to admit on your OKCupid profile? Or maybe even they took you away in cuffs.

Whatever your story is, now’s the time to get it off your chest. Your job is to make people care about your journey in the five minutes you’re allotted, because you will be judged. Sort of. We encourage you to encourage your friends to vote for you. No notes, no props. Just you and your story.

Hosted by Lisa L. Kirchner

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