True Stories – August 9th

St Petersburg FL storytelling

August is one of those months, the kind of hot and sticky that puts you in a mood to quit. We’re ready to honor that here at True Stories, where the theme for our August show will be QUITTING. Join us Wednesday, August 9 at 7pm at Hawthorne Bottle Shop. Get there early to grab a sandwich and a drink, and get your name in the fucket bucket for a chance to tell your own story.

Our featured teller will be Mike Mayleben, three-time True Stories champ! Other than that, we don’t know what’s going to happen. You may regale us with a story about that time you quit your job, then again, maybe you quit a place, or heroin. Whatever it is you quit, come tell us about it in five minutes. Know your first and last sentence, and take us somewhere, and maybe YOU’LL be a featured teller someday. No notes, no props. Just you and your story.

You will be judged. Sort of. The audience is always generous. You might even get a video of your story put onto Creative Loafing’s website.

Hosted by Lisa L. Kirchner

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