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“I’ve always had to be captivated by a book, I’m incapable of muddling through. The darker 20th century fiction was always what I drifted toward because it has the flawed characters and human imperfection that seems real to me, but it’s still somehow beautiful. ‘The Virgin Suicides’ by Eugenides is a good example. It’s so haunting. ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In Town’ is a short story by Bukowski that shares a similar theme. People die in these stories, and there’s grief and heartache… and questions. The protagonist(s) never quite understands, and it holds true for real life; we can never quite get a full perspective of another person’s perception of their own life or their core motives. But there’s a beauty in it that I can’t describe. There’s a beauty that can’t be conveyed with cinematography and a good musical score. It’s a stimulation I have to work and be patient for, but it’s so worth it.”


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