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Keep St Pete Lit is proud to partner with the Morean Arts Center and Daddy Kool Records for the LitSpace Literary Arts Institute. LitSpace gives a voice to the community and helps create a vibrant new literary arts scene for our city. These are low-cost, professional-quality lessons in writing poetry and fiction, creativity workshops and other literary-inspired classes.

Intuitive Art Journaling Practice

Intuitive Art Journaling Practice integrates journal writing and expressive visual art, both from an intuitive approach. Regularly getting in touch with feelings, and keeping a record of daily experiences, enhances all areas of your life, particularly your creative energy. Practice of expressive arts allows self-trust, self-acceptance and breakthrough a-ha moments to emerge, as well as eliminating or clearing creative blocks and negative self-talk. Class is experiential participants will learn easy, inexpensive methods that can be adopted, adapted and repeated at home. You do not have to be an experienced writer or artist to benefit from this class. Materials will be provided for each session. Tuesdays, March 28; April 4 and 11 (6:30-8:30pm ).

Writer's Gym

One of the best ways to work out your writing muscles is to share your work with other writers. This class offers a constructive, supportive environment where you can give and receive feedback from your peers. A teacher will moderate the class and be available to offer advice as well. This class is for everyone who writes! Please bring 1-2 pages of your work for sharing. Saturday, April 1, 15, and 29 (10:00am-12:00pm).

Write Like You've Been There

Hone your travel writing skills with Cathy Salustri, author of 'Backroads of Paradise', her travel narrative about retracing the WPA-era tours of Florida that was featured in the New York Times travel section. Bring a short travel piece (under 500 words), read it, and then workshop it with criticism and tips specific to you Saturday, April 1 (1:00-3:00pm).

Paper Grrrls: Girls and Comics (Ages 8-16)

Paper Grrrls Society is a club for girls, non-binary, and genderqueer people ages 8-16 where we talk about women in comics, go on field trips, create zines, and foster a love for reading and creation. We strive to create a safe space within the comics community, and want to share our love of reading and art among budding writers, artists, and readers. Sunday, April 2 (2:00-4:00pm).

Storytelling: The Art of Crafting Fiction

Storytelling: The Art of Crafting Fiction is an introduction to creative writing that is appropriate for all levels; it's for anyone who wishes to pursue writing as a creative outlet. Although the focus is fiction writing this class will also be helpful to the creative non-fiction writer, as we will address topics pertinent to all forms of creative writing. Class hours will be spent sharing information, ideas and writing. Saturday, April 8 and 22 (10:00am-12:00pm).

Singing in Your Chains: Poetic Form and Tradition

Though poetry that follows strict formal constructs largely fell out of fashion in the 20th Century, we still stand to learn a lot from studying the older traditions of poetic formalism. Well introduce several traditional poetic forms and discuss their distinct histories and purposes, and work with engaging these traditions in order to create exciting new poetry. Saturday, April 8 (1:00-3:00pm).

Paper Grrrls: Girls and Comics (Ages 17+)

Paper Grrrls Society is a club for women, non-binary, and genderqueer people ages 17 and older who share a love for comics, whether reading them or creating them. We strive to create a safe space within the comics community, and want to share our love of reading and art among budding writers, artists, and readers. Each month will be focused on a book by and/or about women, followed by a group discussion. Meetings will include various activities and special guests, and the option to leave with a copy of the month's featured book. Sunday, April 9 (2:00-4:00pm)

Master Class: Writing Ekphrastic Poetry by Drawing Inspiration from other Art Forms

Keep St. Pete Lit is pleased to name the second recipient of the LitSpace St. Petersburg Writers Residency, Alison Stone. In this experiential workshop with Ms. Stone, we will explore using other art forms to stimulate poems. Whether the inspiration is a work of visual art or a desire for revisionist mythmaking, other genres have served to spark poets for centuries. We will examine some viewpoints and strategies used by a variety of poets, and then generate work using in-class prompts. There will be time for sharing and feedback if desired. Saturday, April 15 (1:00pm-3:00pm)

Writing and Intimacy

Does ones capacity for intimacy make one a better writer? How do the literary arts help us to become more intimate with self and other, to bridge body and mind? Intimacy can take many forms: sensual, sexual, familial, platonic; it can be between lovers, friends, spouses, parents and children, business partners, artistic collaborators. How do we give words to forms of intimacy when these experiences run so close to the heart and bone? Maybe most importantly, intimacy exists between yourself and your own body, your awareness of the way you inhabit space. How does that awareness, or lack of awareness, play into your creativity? In this workshop, we will explore these questions through writing experiments and body work (guided meditation, sensory awareness exercises, breathing techniques). We will read poems and excerpts from Audre Lorde, Anne Carson, Anais Nin, Italo Calvino and others. We will also watch some clips of performance artists like Marina Abramovic. Please note: while this is not a class specifically about sex writing, frank discussions may occur.
Saturday, April 22 (1:00pm-3:00pm)

Monthly Zine Workshops ft. Eva Avenue

Daddy Kool Records and Keep St.Pete Lit are coming together to showcase zines in monthly workshops. On the second Wednesday of every month we will have a new speaker to talk about different aspects of zines. From creating, producing to the history behind zines we hope to inspire people to create their own! April's Workshop: In this collage-based class, you will learn the meaning of how to keep it Noodle, how to make your content relevant, and how to maximize your resources to make your own publication take off from inception.
Wednesday, April 26 (6:30-8:30pm).

Mindful Writing

By quieting the clutter of the mind and becoming present, we can free up our creativity, gain clarity, and make peace with our inner critic. This workshop will explore mindfulness meditation and writing exercises. You will generate new work and unblock creative energy to move forward on artistic projects. No experience necessary. Whether you're working on a book or whether you simply want to explore create self-expression, this workshop is for you. Saturday, April 29 (1:00pm-3:00pm)




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  3. Writing is a hobby for me. I look forward to Saturday mornings at KSPL with literate friends. Coffee and a bite at Banyan Cafe and the day’s off to a good start. The Writers Gym is fun and stimulating with Tracy Lee Bird and the Muses lending inspiration. Alternating Saturdays there’s Crafting Fiction to provide tools like building characters, story structure, arcs…all that happy stuff writers work with.

  4. What a great idea!! I attended the Poetry Muscle: Laughter Writing Yoga workshop and it was an extrodinary experience. I found myself applying the techniques acquired in the workshop for weeks after. The course got me laughing and kept me fulfilled and strentgh to take on any challenge with a smile. Thank you St. PeteLit!!

  5. I am so excited to be able to increase my knowledge base in writing. I am an MFA student at the University of Tampa in Creative Writing and a lot of the stuff you are offering is not to be found in the program. The Writers Gym and the Storytelling workshop with Tracy Bird are phenomenal and I learn something I can take away and use in a practical manner when it comes to writing. Thanks Keep St. Pete Lit for offering these free workshops. You guys rock!!!!

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