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Since June 2015, Keep St Pete Lit is proud to have partnered with the Morean Arts Center for the LitSpace Literary Arts Institute. LitSpace gives a voice to the community and helps create a vibrant new literary arts scene for our city. These are low-cost, professional-quality lessons in writing poetry and fiction, creativity workshops and other literary-inspired classes.

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Intuitive Art Journaling Practice

Intuitive Art Journaling Practice integrates journal writing and expressive visual art, both from an intuitive approach. Regularly getting in touch with feelings, and keeping a record of daily experiences, enhances all areas of your life, particularly your creative energy. Practice of expressive arts allows self-trust, self-acceptance and breakthrough a-ha moments to emerge, as well as eliminating or clearing creative blocks and negative self-talk. Class is experiential participants will learn easy, inexpensive methods that can be adopted, adapted and repeated at home. You do not have to be an experienced writer or artist to benefit from this class. Materials will be provided for each session. Tuesdays, May 30; June 6-27 (6:30-8:30pm )

Writer's Gym

One of the best ways to work out your writing muscles is to share your work with other writers. This class offers a constructive, supportive environment where you can give and receive feedback from your peers. A teacher will moderate the class and be available to offer advice as well. This class is for everyone who writes! Please bring 1-2 pages of your work for sharing. Saturday, June 3 and 17 (10:00am-12:00pm)

Poem Echo Poem

An echo reflects a sound back to the listener. How does an echo manifest in poetry to underscore meaning and linguistic presence on the page? In this generative class, well focus on the idea of repetition in poetry; on the forms of the sestina and pantoum, and also experiment with ways we can learn from and incorporate mirroring as influenced by visual art in our poems. Well read and discuss selected poems and also compose through generative exercises both individually and as a group. Artists are encouraged to attend! Saturday, June 3 (1:00-3:00pm)

Storytelling: The Art of Crafting Fiction

Storytelling: The Art of Crafting Fiction is an introduction to creative writing that is appropriate for all levels; it's for anyone who wishes to pursue writing as a creative outlet. Although the focus is fiction writing this class will also be helpful to the creative non-fiction writer, as we will address topics pertinent to all forms of creative writing. Class hours will be spent sharing information, ideas and writing. Saturday, June 10 and 24 (10:00am-12:00pm)

The Hero's Journey: A Classic Narrative Structure

Learn about this timeless story model, and how it creates a roadmap for successful fiction. Well start in the ordinary world, hear the call to adventure, endure tests and ordeals, and find the way back home. Bring paper and pen or a laptop and be prepared to write and share. All levels welcome. Saturday, June 10 (1:00pm-3:00pm)

Awakening Inspiration: Creativity for the Un-Creative

What does it mean to be a creative person? How does one become creative? Is this just something we either have or dont have? In a fast-moving, ever-connected world, the ability to think creatively and to generate new ideas has become increasingly valuable, if not essential. We will explore the process of inspiration through a series of improvisational activities meant to awaken the creative mind. Saturday, June 17 (1:00-3:00pm)

The Verbalization of Poetry

The object of this class is to learn how to read your poetry written for the page, as well as other poets you like to read. Learn about inflection, where to break, take a breath, and emphasize the words, lines, and stanzas. You will also learn how to read poetry written for the stage (Spoken Word). I will provide a brief discussion on the similarities and differences between the two, and discuss whether they translate from one medium to the other. Please bring a book of poetry you enjoy, a notebook and a pen/pencil. Saturday, June 24 (1:00pm-3:00pm)

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  3. Writing is a hobby for me. I look forward to Saturday mornings at KSPL with literate friends. Coffee and a bite at Banyan Cafe and the day’s off to a good start. The Writers Gym is fun and stimulating with Tracy Lee Bird and the Muses lending inspiration. Alternating Saturdays there’s Crafting Fiction to provide tools like building characters, story structure, arcs…all that happy stuff writers work with.

  4. What a great idea!! I attended the Poetry Muscle: Laughter Writing Yoga workshop and it was an extrodinary experience. I found myself applying the techniques acquired in the workshop for weeks after. The course got me laughing and kept me fulfilled and strentgh to take on any challenge with a smile. Thank you St. PeteLit!!

  5. I am so excited to be able to increase my knowledge base in writing. I am an MFA student at the University of Tampa in Creative Writing and a lot of the stuff you are offering is not to be found in the program. The Writers Gym and the Storytelling workshop with Tracy Bird are phenomenal and I learn something I can take away and use in a practical manner when it comes to writing. Thanks Keep St. Pete Lit for offering these free workshops. You guys rock!!!!

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