About LitSpace

Keep St Pete Lit is proud to partner with the Morean Arts Center for the

 LitSpace Literary Arts Institute


Photo by Lucy Pearl Photography

Lucy Pearl Photography. Click for gallery.

LitSpace gives a voice to the community and helps create a vibrant new literary arts scene for our city. These are low-cost, professional-quality lessons in writing poetry and fiction, creativity workshops and other literary-inspired classes.

Since June 2015, more than 2000 students have taken classes at LitSpace. The creative cross-pollination at LitSpace in our diverse communities has been incredible and we invite you to experience it for yourself.

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What do students have to say?

“Absolutely attend! Inspiring experience, great way to meet fellow writers. Inspiration, encouragement, great ideas.” – Jana B.

“I finally identify as being a writer. It gave me confidence. I wanted to start my creative juices flowing to gain the confidence to start my two books.” – Heather C.

“I got in touch with my creative side.” – DeAnn M.

Lucy Pearl Photography. Click for gallery.

Lucy Pearl Photography. Click for gallery.

“Continues to be a great set of courses designed to inspire, more than simply teach, how to be a writer.” – Beau M.

“it’s a great way to get back into a writing headspace, more confidence and momentum.” – Jessica P.

“Words are a blast!” – Beth L.

“I feel like I was able to express feelings I didn’t know how to put into words. Thank you.” – Jodi

“I tapped into a new kind of creativity that I didn’t even know I possessed.” – Miranda

“It opened my mind to the creative possibilities of nonsense, both in the written and visual realms.” – Lisa S.

Lucy Pearl Photography. Click for gallery.

Lucy Pearl Photography. Click for gallery.

“Laughter, inspiration.” – April B.

“I really enjoyed it…really had fun with the activities. Inspired to go home and write something.” – Nancy

“It allowed me to play with words’ sounds and contradictions.” – Bob S.

“It was great fun to explore the art of nonsensical writing and imagery. Enjoyed the playfulness.” – Jean S.

“Very inspirational for beyond-the-box thinking that applies outside this exercise.” – Susan

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and more exciting place to live through the literary arts. Read and Write on!