Literary Salon with Vidhu Aggarwal, PhD – May 31st

St. Petersburg Fl literary salon

Come participate in our fourth literary salon of the season, a place for the community to engage with authors and explore new ideas.

Visual-sonic migratory poetics

Bollywood spectacle, carnival, and science fiction

Join us for an interactive multi-media evening with Vidhu Aggarwal:
• video-poem reading from Trouble with Humpadori
• slides and video from “Daughter Isotope” on nuclear power, waste, & diaspora
• discussion on Vidhu’s practice of visual-sonic migratory poetics

Born in Ranchi, India, Vidhu Aggarwal, PhD, grew up in the Southern US. Her poetry book The Trouble with Humpadori (2016) received the Editor’s Choice Prize from The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective, and takes off from the title of “The Trouble with Tribbles,” a Star Trek episode about these cute, somewhat monstrous, pets that reproduce wildly as they eat up the toxic cargo. Humpadori is similarly a cosmic deformity that shapeshifts into various commodities and damaged goods.

Vidhu is on the executive board of Thinking Its Presences : Race, Advocacy, Solidarity in the Arts; a Kundiman Fellow; and teaches poetry and transcolonial/national studies at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

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