Literary Salon with Sabrina Dalla Valle October 26

Come participate in our first literary salon of the season, a place for the community to engage with local authors and explore new ideas.

Sabrina Dalla Valle and company will perform a live reading of her new chapbook, “Bee as Timbral Space : a post geometric eclogue.” Published by Logosophia Press.

Each surface brushed with a trace of venom
or lace of fertile fire
like light penetrating through the canopy of an oak

nature : its own needle, sharp to thread the future
shakes the world into matter.  

“To be a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, is to fall in love with fragments of unity, like the great Heraclitus who millennia ago said all things are one, no in and out, no I and Thou, no honey and venom. For the Greeks the bee was spirit and Dalla Valle has given us this vision of Unity, the humble bee as emissary to know tiny bits of energy as infinity. It is a perfect contemplation to know that in our gathering we and the bee are one.” -Richard G. Geldard, PhD, author of Emerson and Universal Mind and Remembering Heraclitus

About the Author:
Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA, is a writer of experimental and philosophical texts. She is author of 7 Days and Night in the Desert (Tracing the Origin) selected by Mei Mei Berssenbrugge for Best First Book Award (2013, Kelsey Street Press). Her writing has been anthologized and archived in numerous venues–notably Mindmade Books 2012 chapbook series; Alchemical Traditions (2013, Numen Books); University of Pennsylvania’s The Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (PennSound), 2014; San Francisco State University’s The Poetry Center Archives, 2014; UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, 2016. She is co-editor of Diaphany, a peer-reviewed journal and nocturne for the publication of written and visual work that explores phenomenological perception and authentic integral expression. Sabrina lives in St Petersburg, Florida where she teaches creative nonfiction writing workshops to the curious and brave.

$5.00 suggested donation.

A huge THANK YOU to our partner Morean Art Center.

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