Literary salon with Jeremy D Johnson

Come participate in our second literary salon of the season, a place for the community to engage with authors and explore new ideas.

Wednesday, January 18
7 – 8:30 PM
Morean Arts Center
719 Central Ave, St. Peter
Although we are individuals who make choices in the microcosm, such as driving our cars, buying plastics, and using air conditioning, we collectively impact structural problems in the macrocosm.

So what do we do? How do we define ourselves anymore when distinctions between nature and culture have imploded?

‘The Anthropocene’ is a proposed geological age where distinctions between the human and non-human world become blurred, if indistinguishably “post-human.”

Recent science fiction and its related genre of “weird lit” is uniquely equipped to imagine strange futures, new philosophies, and forms of ecological consciousness seemingly alien to us. This talk will unpack examples from Florida’s own Jeff VanderMeer and his Southern Reach Trilogy, William Gibson’s The Peripheral, and the anime film “Akira” to understand how we’re learning to survive the Anthropocene by transforming ourselves.

Presenter: Jeremy D Johnson, MA, is an editor, writer, and essayist. He currently serves as president of the International Jean Gebser Society and editor-in-chief for Metapsychosis Journal. Jeremy resides somewhere in central Florida’s sunny marshlands, gleaning bits of inspiration from pop culture, book collection, science fiction exegesis and personal contemplative practice.

$5.00 suggested donation.

A huge THANK YOU to our partner Morean Art Center and coordinator Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA.

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