Fantastic Ekphrastic

Fantastic Ekphrastic!

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Fantastic Ekphrastic

January 24, 2015
Shows at 5:30 and 8pm

Soft Water Studios 
515 22nd Street South, Unit F
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

ekphrasis: a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art….

Keep St. Pete Lit and Soft Water Studios invite you to a fantastical experience: 16 visual artists’ pieces as interpreted by 16 writers, presented in dramatic readings by captivating local performers!

Carlos Paz Pons
Suzy Schultz
Lance Rodgers
Jerry Karlic
Carrie Jadus
Donna Gordon
Coralette Damme
Herb Snitzer
Michael Conway
Dallas Jackson
Carol Dameron
Shane Hoffman
Marc Aeling
Candace Knapp
Carol Carter
Calen Ree

Charlotte Amanda Hagood
Velva Lee Heraty
David Warner
Gloria Munoz
Sorella Andersen
Adrien Julious
Cole Bellemy
Andrew Harlan
David Z. Morris
Frank Wells
Maureen McDole
Cathy Salustri
Stephen Lindow
Von Simeon
Sheree Greer
Matthew Jackson

Actors: TBA

A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors: Creative Loafing, Russell Property Group, Sylvia Rushe State Farm Insurance, The Amsterdam, Soft Water Studios, Studio @620, Beth Morean, Jonathan and Monica Kile, Tom Pritchard and Kathleen McDole.

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