Playwriting 101 (Eight Week Online Class)

March 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Playwriting 101 (Eight Week Online Class)

“Have you always wanted to write a play? Short? Full-length? Somewhere in between? Whether you already have an idea for your story or just have a desire to try, we will take what you have and mold and sculpt and get it on its feet. In this class we will look at playwriting structure, what makes a story compelling, plot vs. characters, dialogue, and how to put it all together. We will start with Aristotle and see what he had to say about writing, then look at the work of some other greats and some lesser known artists as well. We will study Pixar- a lot more can be learned from cartoons than you think!  And most importantly we will learn to apply the astute rubric of the great Johann Von Wolfgang Goethe to everything we write: “What are you trying to say?”, “How well are you saying it?”, and above all, “Is it worth saying?”

About the Instructor:
Rebecca Abaffy is a freelance writer and instructor. Her writing has been developed and read in a variety of places, such as Napier, New Zealand; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Athens, Ohio; Montreal, Quebec; Kagoshima, Japan; Manhattan, New York; and elsewhere. In 2016 she was the story editor for a documentary called, The Way, a dialogue editor for Charles Smiths Objects in the Mirror (due for production at the Goodman Theatre in spring of 2017), and a semi-finalist for the Princess Grace Awards. Abaffy came back to the USA from the southern hemisphere in 2015 with a draft of her first short novel, He Who Hunts Sharks, based on the life of a Brazilian sea captain she crewed for between New Zealand and Fiji in 2014. In 2014 she also produced her play, Bitch Magic, at the Cabana Theatre in Napier, New Zealand…almost. Why is financial backing such a beast? At least she got a reading. In 2013 she really did produce her thesis play, The Syllogism of a Golden Hippo, at Ohio University. In 2012, Wet Foot Dry Foot, received a reading in Montreal, Quebec and a staged reading as an adjudicated play through the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival and at the Seabury Quinn Jr. Playwrights’ Festival in Athens, Ohio. In 2011, Bitch Magic, received readings in Manhattan, New York by New Voices from the Old Vic Theater Company and at the Seabury Quinn Jr. Playwrights’ Festival. Abaffy has taught playwriting, theatre history, production, acting, even English at varying levels from workshops to university classes and childrens theatre in the United States, New Zealand, and Japan.

*Once you register for the class through PayPal the instructor will contact you will further class instructions.

Tuesdays, March 21-May 16 (6:00-8:00pm)

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