Ekphrastic Dramatic Readings by 12 writers – August 5th

St Petersburg FL dramatic readings

At the Ekphrastic, writers will perform dramatic readings of their short stories, poems and imaginings about “Creatures Wild and Wooly ” exhibition on Saturday, August 5 (5:30 p.m.) at Florida Craft Art. The program is free and open to the public.

“Green Dragon Trophy” by Ray Bennett; Writer: Betsey Alvarez
“Endangered Baggage” by Vadim Malkin; Writer: Tracy Bird
“Wooden Duck” by Nicole Paulina; Writer: Chris Cecot
“Dot or Dorothy for Short” by Judy Freeman; Writer: Beth Gelman
“Save Me: by Roseline Young; Writer: Mary Haban
“Discovering My Personal Defects” by Taylor Robenalt: Writer: Maureen McDole
“One Gorgeous Cat” by Joan Carew; Writer: Jane Mineo
“The Joy Ride” by Vadim Mallon; Writer: Bob Schwartz
“Leonardo” by Anne Andersson; Writer: Lisa Spencer
(and a few more…)

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